Bible Reading in 1 Year



In this Challenge, the participant has to read around 3 1/2 (Three and an Half) to 4 (Four) chapters in the Bible. It is estimated this will take around 15 minutes daily.


In the Old Testament – 2 chapters, Psalms / Proverbs – 1 chapter and New Testament – 1/2 (Half) or 1 full chapter.


This schedule has been designed in a manner to have Psalm/ Proverbs daily, which will be more suitable for devotional reading.  So, the participant will be able to read the Old Testament & New testament once and Psalms & Proverbs twice in a year duration.


4 Chapters per day
15 minutes
Effort level


  • Bible Reading Portion for the day will be sent in the group on the previous day night itself.
  • Along with the Bible Reading Portion, useful information, tips, quotes and video clips on Bible reading will be posted in the group daily.
  • Videos on Overview of each Bible Books will be shared when a new book starts in the schedule.
  • A Prayer Concern for the Day will be sent daily to use it in the prayer time along with Bible reading
  • Monthly Review will be conducted on the last day of the month.
  • Final Review will be conducted on the last day of the Final month of the Challenge.
  • Those who successfully complete the Bible Reading Challenge will be given an Appreciation Certificate.
  • Only Admins are allowed to post here daily for not to be a disturbance to the members as much as possible. However, in order to have an exchange of information and experiences, all members of the group will be allowed to post once in 2 weeks on alternate Sundays. 

What Participants say?

Bible Reading Challenge starting from 1st of the coming month
To the following for their successful completion of Reading the whole Bible in 1 year

From 01 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2020

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