Bible Reading Challenges

Holy Bible offers time-tested principles for a successful life and answers all the questions we face in our lives. Reading the Bible helps us to understand what God has for us.

Our carefully drafted Bible reading plans will help you read the whole Bible within a given period.

Why don’t you join in one of our Bible Reading Challenges starting from 01 October 2021 and start reading at your own convenience?

Its Special Features: 

** Your choice of Challenge Duration ranging from 1 Month to 1 Year.

** Your choice of Languages: English, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu or Hindi.

** Bible Reading Portion given on the previous night.

** Regular motivational Quotes or Clips on reading the Bible.

** Daily prayer update – Prayer Concerns for the Day.

** Certificate of Appreciation and Prizes (*Conditions apply)

You can register in one of the “Bible Reading Challenges” suitable to you as given below.

WhatsApp Message can be sent to +965 6596 2559 by clicking this link: , if facing any issues in registering in the given link. 

*** This information can be shared with all your family members, relatives, Christian friends and Church members so that they also may get into the habit of Reading the Bible in a regular manner.

Challenges to suit everyone

  • 1 Month Challenge
  • 45chapters/day
      • 2 Hours 30 mins
      • Prize & Cert on completion
      • Maximum Effort
  • 2 Months Challenge
  • 23chapters/day
      • 1 Hour 30 Minutes
      • Prize & Cert on completion
      • High Effort
  • 3 Months Challenge
  • 15chapters/day
      • 1 Hour
      • Certificate on completion
      • Above Average Effort
  • 4 Month Challenge
  • 12chapters/day
      • 45 mins
      • Certificate on completion
      • Average Effort
  • 6 Months Challenge
  • 7chapters/day
      • 25 minutes
      • Certificate on completion
      • Low Effort
  • 1 Year Challenge
  • 3.5chapters/day
      • 15 minutes
      • Certificate on completion
      • Minimum Effort